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        2. MTC Lighting

          MTC Lighting provides a wide range of LED lighting applications that satisfy different requirements of our consumers.

          In the field of residential lighting, we offer decorative and functional lightings along with electrical products. In the field of commercial lighting, from outdoor to indoor, commercial space to public place, MTC Lighting offers different lighting systems that are optimized for superior performance.

          Residential Decorative Lighting

          Product Category:

          Chandelier, ceiling lamp, wall lamp, floor lamp, table lamp, aisle light, fan light

          Applicable place:

          Living room, bedroom, study, children's room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, aisle

          Residential Functional Lighting

          Product Category:

          Light bulb, candle lights, lamp, lamp belt, downlight, ceiling light, guide light, kitchen lamp, ceiling lamp

          Applicable place:

          Basic lighting, ceiling, TV wall, home display, storage space, hallway aisle

          Electrical Product

          Product Category:

          Wall switch / socket, ground plug, circuit breaker, earth leakage circuit breaker, integrated ceiling, bath heater, ventilation

          Applicable place:

          Home and various public places

          Commercial Lighting

          Product Category:

          Light bulb, PAR lamp, MR16, T5 integrated support, T8 tube, panel light, high and low pressure light belt, downlight, ceiling spotlight, hotel spotlight, grille spotlight, track rail spotlight, floodlight

          Applicable place:

          Office lighting, shop lighting, hotel lighting, stadium lighting, factory lighting

          Outdoor Lighting

          Product Category:

          Streetlight, tunnel light, floodlight, wall wash light, buried lights

          Applicable place

          Roads, bridges, tunnels, buildings